Molly Ross

Molly Ross is a petite woman with a big smile that greets you and leaves you feeling as though you have known her all your life. It was then apropos, after meeting her at an area bookstore, to discover she is the personification of the lesson: Don’t judge a book by its cover. This woman is a giant!

Co-Owner and President of Deltex Royalty Company, Inc. and simultaneously, of LMA Royalties, Ltd., etc., Ross also manages to combine her education, experience and talents into making her one of our areas strongest philanthropists; more than 40 organizations have benefitted from her time, inspiration and energy.
She learned about serving from her father, former State Representative James R. Ross of Colorado Springs.  It was her mother who taught her about giving in different ways. “My grandfather started a mineral management company in 1930s, and my mother took it over after my grandparents passed away. At 55, she took it over and ran it for 22 years.” But she didn’t stop there. Ross was introduced to the hard work and benefits of volunteerism through her mother’s involvement in Junior League. So much so, that Ross served as President of the Denver Junior League years later in 1999-2000.