by Jeff Wattenhofer

After a hard couple months on tour, what’s a rock star supposed to do with their free time? All that adrenaline normally channeled toward playing a two-night stand at a sold-out Wembley Stadium has to come out somewhere. Fortunately for U2’s The Edge, he has a six-year long solo project in Malibu that’s been keeping him quite busy. This side project won’t result in a new adult contemporary album boasting disappointing sales figures, however, just reams and reams of legal documents concerning a housing development that will not die. In December, after years of wrangling, it looked like The Edge had finally gotten the green light to build five mansions on a pristine Malibu bluff when the California Coastal Commission gave its ok. But now, the Sierra Club is taking its turn as the latest opponent to The Edge’s Malibu housing plans—according to the LA Times, the Sierra Club has filed a lawsuit against the Commission to nullify their approval of the project.

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