by Mitch Perry
Florida Politics

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is financing his super PAC about $10 million in television ads targeting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and three other attorneys general for their opposition to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan…

In 2011, the Sierra Club began its Beyond Coal campaign, funded in part by at least $80 million through Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has donated at least $80 million to the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. Since that time, the club claims that more than 200 of the nation’s 523 coal fire powered plants have been shut down.

“These decisions were not made because of EPA rules,” former Sierra Club President Carl Pope said of the plants that have shut down in recent years. “They were made by citizens who lived in those states, by public utility commissions, appointed to protect the interests of consumers in those states, and by the utilities themselves … but now we have a group of attorney generals who have decided that they can stop the future, they can hold back the tide using taxpayer money and slow down the process of planning for America’s energy future.”

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