by Drew Johnson, Washington Times
As Appearing in the Sun Sentinel

One of America’s oldest, most respected environmental nonprofits has traded in one kind of green for another. Some of the Sierra Club’s board members and most important donors have put the almighty dollar before Mother Earth by encouraging the organization to engage in activities that bolster their bottom line.

In a new report, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute reveal that a number of environmental activists, including billionaires Nathaniel Simons and Roger Sant, benefit richly from their hefty donations to the Sierra Club.

Simons, a hedge fund baron worth an estimated $12 billion, has donated more than $14 million to the Sierra Club since 2009. Those contributions have largely been earmarked for campaigns to “educate the public about clean energy.” The donations have likely proven quite worthwhile to Simons. According to Fortune magazine, at the same time he was underwriting the Sierra Club’s efforts to promote renewables, Simons was quietly creating a clean-tech venture fund that invests in clean energy.

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