Paul M.J. Suchecki
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Politico recently took a look at the impressive successes of the Sierra Club’s hard-hitting Beyond Coal campaign, which seeks to “improve public health, slash carbon emissions and allow the U.S. to take action as leader in fighting climate change.”

In case you’ve haven’t been following this push, it stands as one of the more successful advocacy operations of recent years. As Politico wrote, the campaign, along with the broader “war on coal,” is “real and it’s relentless. Over the past five years, it has killed a coal-fired power plant every 10 days. It has quietly transformed the U.S. electric grid and the global climate debate.”…

Major supporters also include the Hewlett Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Grantham Foundation, the Sandler Family Foundation, and the Yellow Chair Foundation.

Wait, what’s that last one?

This question is easier asked than answered, since the Yellow Chair Foundation prefers to fly beneath the radar. It doesn’t go so far as to cloak the donors behind it like the Kendeda Fund does (more on those donors in a moment), but it’s otherwise a case study in non-transparency.

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