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From the League of Conservation Voters to the Sierra Club, behind the curtain of the green energy movement is a cadre of billionaires profiting from policy changes advocated by these non-profit groups.

The wind energy industry, for instance, has permeated the leadership of the League of Conservation Voters (LVC). Tom Kiernan, the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) serves as the Treasurer of the LCV and Peter Mandelstam, former AWEA board member and founder of Green Sails wind energy company also serves on the LCV board. It should not come as a shock to discover that much of the LCV’s campaign activities in the past election cycle was aimed at renewing the wasteful wind energy tax credit. LVC publicly bragged with would spend $25 million supporting pro wind energy candidates. Kieran and Mandelstam are not alone in their efforts to hijack the green movement for profit.

A new report by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute shows the depths that big donors are using the venerable Sierra Club to pad their own pockets. It is not the first time. Last Fall, E&E studied the Sierra Club Foundation and discovered eight of their Foundation’s directors own or operate companies that benefit from the Sierra Club’s campaign to eliminate coal energy from the face of the earth. This type of “self-dealing” is a violation of IRS; a clear case of a private individual receiving “goods and services” from the Sierra Club to their direct and personal benefit. In response, E&E Legal filed a referral with the IRS pointing this out.

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