Heartlander: Sierra Club Representative Misleads in New Mexico Renewable Mandate Hearings

James B. Taylor
Heartlander Magazine

The Sierra Club appears to be hiding its efforts to prevent the New Mexico legislature from freezing the state’s renewable energy mandate at 15 percent.

The New Mexico House of Representatives Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee held hearings in late February on House Bill 445, which would freeze the state’s renewable power mandate at 15 percent, cancelling a scheduled tightening of the renewable power mandate to 20 percent by 2020. The bill passed the House March 12…

Among those testifying before the committee against the bill was Elliott Stern, who identified himself as a “small business owner” whose company “is not directly affected by the bill.” Stern, however, is hardly a disinterested party to the proposed bill. He is co-chairman of the Sierra Club’s Northern New Mexico Rio-Grande Chapter’s Energy Committee and an Activism Team Member.

The Rio Grande Sierra Club chapter lobbied for the original renewable energy mandate on its own and as part of the New Mexico Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy.

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